Bord na gCon


Dock Road


1 July 2013


Dear Mr Ryan,

l acknowledge your recent correspondence dated May 29″‘ 2013.

The identity Card for the greyhound Droopys Comedian was impounded by the Control Steward at

Kilkenny Greyhound Stadium on April 5  2013, subject to two Satisfactory Performance/Conduct

trials. Trials of this nature are completed subject to Article 30 of the Greyhound industry (Racing)

Regulations 2007. Fighting greyhounds are suspended subject to Article 18 of the same Regulations.

The greyhound Droopys Comedian completed the second of the two required Satisfactory

Performance/Conduct trials on May 2  2013. l note that the greyhound has trialled and raced over

hurdles since May 5”‘ 2013 and you will be aware this will not qualify a greyhound back over the flat.

Droopys Comedian is eligible to compete on the flat subject to successfully completing a qualifying



You will also be aware that the greyhounds selected for testing are publically announced over the

public address system at each Stadium. All positive samples are referred to the independent Control

Committee for determination. The independent Control Committee publish results in relation to

these matters in the Sporting Press Newspaper.


A prohibited substance is defined in the Greyhound industry (Racing) Regulations 2007 as

”any substance which by its nature could affect the performance of a greyhound the origin of which

on or in the tissues, body fluids or excreta of a greyhound could not be traced back to normal ad

ordinary feeding. A finding of a prohibited substance itself or a metabolite of the substance or an

g isomer of the substance or an isomer of a metabolite”.


There is a threshold of 4ug/ml for the substance caffeine. Levels below this threshold are not certified as positive for a prohibited substance.


I trust this clarifies the issues raised in your correspondence.


Yours sincerely

Pat Herbert

Head of Regulation



Bord na gCon, Greenpark, Dock Road, Limerick

T. 061 448000 F. 061 303788



July 5 2013

Dear Mr Herbert,
thank you for your responce of July 1st in relation to Droopys Comedian and the question of sampling. You indicated in your letter that
Droopys Comedian is eligible to compete on the flat subject to successfully completing a qualifying trial.

On looking at the results for racing through out the country for last night July 4th, I noticed that Droopys Comedian
ran in a FLAT race in Shel. Pk. WITHOUT completing a qualifying trial. Why did the racing manager accept an entry for this dog when he was clearly not
qualified to race?. Does he not know the rules?.  Why did the Control Steward allow him to run.?
This could have serious repercussions for the industry,if the betting public discovered that ineligible greyhounds are running in races
they are betting on.

It is quite obvious that some of your officials are not up to the mark that is required to complete the tasks which they were
employed to do. Urgent action needs to be taken to insure that the rules of racing and  integrity  matters  at all tracks are complied with.

Could you also confirm for me that Unraced dogs can not be seeded.

Your reply that the names of the greyhounds selected for testing are called out over the PA. is correct but only the people in the stadiums are aware of this. In the interest of transparency I would ask you to print a list of the 6000 greyhounds that were tested in 2012 in the Sporting Press. As you would be
aware  Sporting Press carries a list of matings and litters on a regular basis and I am quite sure that the readers would welcome this additional

Yours Sincerely
Gus Ryan



Bord na gCon,

Green Park,

Dock Road


11 July 2013


Dear Mr. Ryan,

l refer to your recent correspondences.


l wish to advise that these matters will be discussed at the next meeting of the

Regulation Committee and will revert to you in the near future.


Yours sincerely

Pat Herbert

Head of Regulation

Bord na gCon