In reply to a letter from IGOBF Chairman, Tony Walsh, the CEO of GRI (IGB) Gerard Dollard dismissed Mr Walsh’s concerns that reducing prize money was driving people from the sport. Mr Dollard claimed that contrary to greyhound owners’ concerns, the dog pools were now at their highest level since August 2012.

         Gerard Dollard March 1st 2021

However, in response to a parliamentary question on March 3rd 2021, The Minister for Agriculture gave the number of dogs named per year for the last 10 years.

Year       Namings

2010       16,467

2011       15,908

2012       16,224

2013       15,575

2014       14,898

2015       15,388

2016       13,987

2017       13,649

2018       13,327

2019       12,793

2020       12,930

Contrary to Dollards claims, the figures clearly show a 21% decline in naming’s from 2012 to 2020. Maybe Dollard is running dogs that were never named and this could explain why his dog pool is now at level similar to 2012.

The IGB may have changed their name but it is clear that spewing of alternative facts from Head Office still continues.