Why was Geraldine “sacked”?

January 24, 2018


Geraldine Larkin was appointed CEO of the IGB in July 2014 on a four year contract. Her willingness to listen and engage with greyhound owners… Read More ›

Billy overstays his welcome.

December 25, 2017


Current CEO Ger Dollard has stated the following in the 2016 Annual Report The IGB treats recommendations as à la carte, you pick the ones… Read More ›

Talking Dogs contradicts accounts

December 23, 2017


  There appears to be some confusion at IGB regarding track attendance 2016. Less than 24 hours since the accounts were published and Talking Dogs… Read More ›

IGB blames the I-Phone for the collapse of the industry

December 22, 2017


The latest Christmas address of the IGB Chairman Phil Meeney is proof (if more was needed) that the Board have absolutely no clue of what… Read More ›

Talking Dogs or loose cannon?

December 15, 2017


Talking Dogs, the official news site of the IGB, has always displayed a glowing affection for anyone that was found to have tested positive for… Read More ›

John Brassil TD, a wasted vote

October 3, 2017


Greyhound followers have watched with frustration the wanton destruction of their industry and the squandering of millions of euros of tax payers money over the… Read More ›

IGB issue new protocols to trainers to combat accidental cocaine contamination

September 23, 2017


IGB have issued protective clothing to be worn by all greyhounds before and after racing for all races on Derby Final night. The industry has… Read More ›

IGB projections miss target by a country mile

September 22, 2017


Anyone that watched the IGB appearance at The Public Accounts Committee will remember the confusion regarding the IGB business plan or if such a plan… Read More ›

Sunday Times; Investigators not told about doped hound

September 17, 2017


John Mooney September 17 2017   The Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) failed to inform the Department of Agriculture that a prized greyhound which won this… Read More ›

Washington Post, Phil always said that there was a lot of international interest in the Irish greyhound industry

September 15, 2017


Champion Irish greyhound tests positive for cocaine By Marissa Payne September 14 at 2:58 PM One of Ireland’s most successful canine athletes has been banned from dog… Read More ›