Policy and Vision


Greyhound owners are by far the largest investors in the Irish Greyhound Industry. Adrian Neilan, CEO of Irish Greyhound Board, estimates the value of said investment to be 244 million euro per annum. Currently however this affords us no say in the operation or regulation of OUR industry. State contribution of 11 million, conversely, affords the Minister for Agriculture the power to appoint all seven board members and approve all key appointments.

Do we not deserve a little more respect?? It would appear our governing body does not believe so, for we are not even afforded the courtesy of consultation before rule or regulation changes.

We are the most powerful group in the industry. We need to come together, through participation in our local GOBA`s, to ensure that our voice is heard at board level and put the mechanics in place that will see a member of our Federation take a seat on the Board of the IGB.

It is important for all members and observers to know that the IGOBF has only the success of the greyhound industry as its core objective. Any criticism of the IGB or representative of same is to highlight problems and provoke change for the better . We intend to grow as an organisation to fervently push for that change.

The Bord or the Executive of IGB has no obligation to engage with greyhound owners. Nowhere in the Greyhound Act does it say that greyhound owners must be consulted prior to making changes to rules or regulations. The IGB is breaking no law when it ignores correspondence from greyhound owners. In spite of the contemptuous attitude of IGB towards greyhound owners, the IGOBF will continue to raise matters of concern. We will publish the letters on this website with the IGB response or lack of.


Our Vision

Our Vision is for a greyhound industry where transparency and accountability are the norm, where integrity at all levels are demanded and delivered, where all participants are treated equally, with respect and where corruption is a distant memory.

About Us

The Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation (IGOBF) is in existence for over forty years and is the controlling body of all Regional Greyhound Owners and Breeders Associations (GOBAs).

It is subject to a written constitution, and is administered by a democratically elected national committee consisting of Officers and representatives from each of the affiliated associations.

The primary objectives of the Federation are:

  1. To co-ordinate the efforts of all Associations, to safeguard the rights of the members and to promote their best interests in so far as they relate to the breeding, rearing, maintaining, training, racing, coursing and selling of greyhounds.
  2. To make effective representation and contributions to the Irish Greyhound Board, the Irish Coursing Club, and to the Minister with responsibility for the Irish Greyhound Industry.
  3. To ensure the IGB, Boards of Directors, Track Management, and the ICC do not act to the detriment of the members of GOBAs.

Dail Eireann has recognised the IGOBF as a valuable asset to the Irish Greyhound Industry by including it on the register of nominating bodies under the SEANAD ELECTORAL (PANEL MEMBERS) ACTS 1947 TO 1972.