The Rebel County is proving a difficult frontier for IGB. A growing frustration has developed among the natives as they grow tired of the failure of IGB to deal with drugs in the sport. A recent article on the IGB’s own website that eulogized last years Laurels winner, Clonbrien Hero, appears to have infuriated the natives. Clonbrien Hero will be remembered as returning three positive tests for cocaine on his way to victory in the 2017 Laurels and has now amassed €104,000 in prize money. The IGB Control Committee has yet to deal with the positive findings. Clonbrien Hero is hot favourite to win his heat tonight from trap 3 in race 6.

Word of the Cork GOBA protest made its way to HQ who hastily dispatched Owen O’Doherty to the rebel outpost. Mr O’Doherty may not be well known to many in the greyhound industry even though he has worked at IGB for 30 years. Mr O’Doherty was quite the rebel himself and was part of the investigation team that was very critical of Chairman Phil Meaney’s role during the investigation of race fixing in Dundalk.

Mr O’Doherty’s suggestion that the natives would hold any protest at the roundabout about half a kilometre from the stadium were quickly dismissed. The natives are adamant that they will chose the site and venue for the protest and are expected to take to the track prior to race 6.

The entire Dundalk race fixing scam looks like it is going to open up again with the original trial books having mysteriously resurfaced even though they could not be located for years. Mr O’Doherty  could be heading for Dundalk again fairly soon and hopefully he will not go on extended leave if the investigation is reopened.

The seven-year reign of Phil Meaney appears to be finally drawing to a close with the advertisement of the position of Chairman of IGB on the State Boards website. Closing date for applications next Tuesday 19 June.  . The enormity of the task facing the new Chairman cannot be overstated as greyhound owners take stock of how their industry has been decimated since March 2011.