Anyone that has sold a greyhound through a public sale in Ireland since 1987 is entitled to a refund if they have paid more than £4 (four pounds) or €5.07 (five euro and seven cent) entry to the sales.

Entry fee to greyhound sales is set by Government legislation and contrary to what the Bord of IGB may think, the laws of the land actually apply to them also.


S.I. No. 121/1987 – Public Sales of Greyhounds (Amendment) Regulations, 1987.

The Public Sales of Greyhounds Regulations, 1966 (No. 76 of 1966) are hereby amended as follows:—

by the deletion of sub-article 3 of Article 9 and the substitution therefor of the following:—

“the maximum entry fee to be charged for the entry of a greyhound for sale at a public sale shall be £4 (four pounds).”


You can download a claim form at the link below.

No need to worry if you cannot remember what dogs you may have sold, the IGB will have a record and like the banks will be responsible for repayment of the overcharge.