Page 32 of the IGB Strategic Plan has a very worrying aspiration for The Irish Coursing Club and its members.—2022.pdf

Racing Stud Book.

Given the specific requirements of the greyhound racing sector, the industry will seek to move towards a position where the racing greyhound is recognised as a distinct breed. A medium term objective of this plan is to create a ‘Racing Stud Book’ to cater for the racing greyhound

There has always been discussion and argument amongst some track people that the ICC was taking too much from the track industry with little in return. So why have the IGB decided at this point that they wish to takeover the registration of track dogs? It seems strange to be embarking on this venture given the level of incompetence that IGB exhibits on a daily basis with their existing core activities.

The clue to this move can be gleaned from the section of the Strategic Plan where it has been published. It is under the heading “Regulation”. The ICC has caused the Department of Agriculture huge embarrassment by it’s refusal to maintain the integrity of the stud when it has registered pups in breach of AI and Welfare legislation. Government Officials are fully aware that the registration of non-compliant dogs has exposed the semi-state organisation to considerable financial compensation if anybody contests. It appears that somebody on high has finally lost patience with the errant ICC and can see the merits of having their own stud book.

No doubt there will be a lot of fingers pointing at the boss at the top table at the upcoming provincial meetings this year, but what have the members of the executive been doing while this was going on?

Can the ICC survive if it is only registering coursing dogs?