Geraldine Larkin was appointed CEO of the IGB in July 2014 on a four year contract. Her willingness to listen and engage with greyhound owners was appreciated and was a contrast from the previous incumbent and the aloof Board. She always came across as a person of the utmost integrity and had a genuine willingness to improve the industry. Geraldine was fully committed to the role but the odds were stacked against her from the outset. She was answerable to the hopeless Board that Indecon described as suffering a skills gap and she also inherited an equally hopeless executive. The one criticism that could have been levelled at Geraldine was that she probably was too nice, did not have the ruthless streak. She should have replaced some of the key members of the executive.

So why was she sacked?

The IGB website claimed on December 22 2016 that it was shocked with the news of Geraldine’s departure. Although the Irish Independent of the next day was able to announce that Dr Sean Brady was taking over. Clearly the news was not such a shock as her replacement was waiting in the wings.

IGB Board Member Frank Nyhan attempted to explain why Geraldine was sacked during the PAC hearing but the explanation did not make any sense. Geraldine had six months left on her contract, why was she not left complete the contract.

Public Accounts Committee.

Thursday 18 May 2017

Mr. Frank Nyhan: In fairness to Ms Larkin, her position became untenable once we decided we were advertising the position of chief executive. It was in that context that a discussion took place as to what she wanted to do. That is when the mutual agreement arose.


According to the 2016 accounts, Geraldine Larkin was paid handsomely for her premature departure


“This sum was equivalent to salary and pension contributions to the end of the contract term in July 2017 amounting to €115,996, including a contribution of €1,000 towards legal fees,”


Geraldine was appointed as chief executive of another semi-state organisation the National Standards Authority of Ireland in February 2016, just a few short weeks after her shock departure from the IGB. She is paid €130,027 in her present role.


Fair dues to Geraldine for getting a great new job and we wish her well, however, greyhound owners are concerned that more and more of the Government funding is being squandered by this board while basic issues such as track maintenance etc are suffering.

1)Why did Geraldine Larkin not complete her contract?

2)Did Minister Creed approve the severance package?

3)Was the position of CEO of NSAI included as part of the severance package?

4)How much was Dr Sean Brady paid as interim CEO?