9th July, 2013



Ms Orla Strumble, Head of Marketing

Irish Greyhound Board

Green Park

Dock Road







Dear Ms Strumble,


The Irish Greyhound Board today announced that it has signed a deal with leading European gaming and betting company Hattrick Sports Group.


This will see the IGB providing Hattrick with recordings of original high quality HD video content of Irish greyhound racing which will be used for their racing product.


I would like to congratulate you and the Marketing Department for signing what has been reported as a Major Racing Deal.  I have had queries from greyhound owners about this and previous deals so maybe you might explain in more detail the implication of this deal, we are particularly interested in this Hattrick deal as IGB has stated it is a Major deal.


  • Will there be any visible changes to racing or regulation for owners?
  • How much money does the IGB get for this deal?
  • What is the length of the contract in this deal?


We also have queries regarding the new sponsor, ETS, for this year’s Derby.   IGOBF feel it is imperative that all greyhound owners would   support any organisation that sponsors greyhound racing.  ETS appears to be a new company in Ireland so we would be willing to offer them assistance to get established.  We are aware of their website but it was also reported in The Sporting Press that ETS had an office in Kerry.  Most prospective clients would be more comfortable dealing directly with an Ireland based person rather than through the UK office.  Can you please forward the address and phone number of the Kerry office.

I am sure you are well aware that any organisation offering financial services must be licenced by the Financial Regulator.  IGOBF would need details of Reference Number for ETS from The Financial Regulator before we could endorse the organisation.  I am sure that IGB has done a background check on ETS and I hope you can understand that IGOBF would not risk its reputation by endorsing a company without clearance.


Yours Sincerely

Gus Ryan

Chairman IGOBF

Waiting for reply