Current CEO Ger Dollard has stated the following in the 2016 Annual Report

The IGB treats recommendations as à la carte, you pick the ones you like and ignore the ones that you don’t. I would like to draw Mr Dollard attention to the Indecon recommendation that Board members should serve a maximum of 2 terms of 3 years. This recommendation was reiterated by the Agriculture Committee when they published their report in January 2016

We are all aware that it is not within the powers of the CEO to remove a Board member but it was Mr Dollard’s boss, the current Junior Minister Andrew Doyle, that was Chairman of the Agriculture Committee when the recommendation was made. Minister Doyle wanted this recommendation to be applied “immediately” but 2 years later and Billy is still in place. Billy is now on the Board of IGB for almost 10 years, 4 years beyond the Indecon Recommendations.

Matt Murphy has been on IGB since November 2011 so he too exceeded the Indecon Recommendations and should step down immediately.

Mr Dollard has appealed for support and unity within the industry, does he honestly expect everyone to turn a blind eye to the self serving behaviour that is endemic in IGB.

The honeymoon is over, it is time for the CEO to step out of the fog.