There appears to be some confusion at IGB regarding track attendance 2016. Less than 24 hours since the accounts were published and Talking Dogs is questioning the accuracy of the audited accounts.

Talking Dogs 23/12/2017

“An increase in attendance at race meetings was also evident in 2016 with 641,622 patrons attending IGB stadia which is up on the corresponding figure of 635,229 patrons in 2015.  ”

The accounts published on 22/12/2017 clearly show a decline in attendance

What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive

Talking Dogs has also included a quote from the latest CEO Ger Dollard.

“The year 2016 showed a continued improvement within the overall greyhound industry. ”

It would certainly be very interesting to get Mr Dollard’s explanation for this statement as the evidence on the ground suggests the opposite.