Greyhound followers have watched with frustration the wanton destruction of their industry and the squandering of millions of euros of tax payers money over the last six years. We have a Board who have tarnished the reputation of the industry through their farcical displays before various Oireachtas Committees and their unwillingness to control the use of prohibited drugs.

Why is the incompetence of this board not questioned by people who have the power to do something about it? Fine Gael obviously don’t have a problem with the vandalism perpetrated on the industry because it is their Board.

Where is Fianna Fail? Ireland has a minority Government, a Government that could not survive without the support of Fianna Fail. One word from Fianna Fail and this entire sorry saga would come to an abrupt end. Micheal Martin has been fully briefed on the problems of the industry as have all the leading members of the Fianna Fail party.

Charles McConalogue TD is the Fianna Fail spokesman for Agriculture but has displayed a total lack of interest in the industry despite having been briefed on the issue.

We then get an intervention from Kerry TD,John Brassil.

Mr Brassil’s ignorance of the facts of the industry defy belief. His efforts to pedal his own agenda clearly demonstrate his lack of respect for the people that elected him. Brassil should check his facts and he would quickly realise that the “wild claims” that he refers to at public meetings were the actual figures from the IGB accounts.

Brassil needs to understand that most people have access to the internet and can read the facts for themselves.

Brassil’s performance or lack of it in relation to the greyhound industry has been noted by his constituents and he will be reminded of it when he comes knocking on the doors again.