IGB have issued protective clothing to be worn by all greyhounds before and after racing for all races on Derby Final night. The industry has taken this decisive action following an unprecedented number of dogs testing positive for cocaine after racing in Cork. A spokesperson for the industry has asked that punters not get involved in any kind of petting (heavy or light) of dogs or bitches on Derby night.

There will be strong sanctions for greyhounds testing positive on the night.

  1. All dogs testing positive will be required to do 100 hours community service.
  2. Dogs testing positive will have to attend counselling and gain an understanding of the risks involved in taking illegal drugs.
  3. Repeat offenders will have privileges (bones, toys etc) removed for 6 months.
  4. Custodial sentences of maximum one year can be applied to dogs who refuse to enroll in rehabilitation classes.
  5. There will be no blame or penalty applied to the owners or trainers.