It is sad to watch the collapse of an indigenous industry that once employed over 10,000 people. Mr Walsh refers to a perfect storm in his presentation, and he is right. But the imperfect elements were a hopeless combination of Ministers in Coveney and Hayes, who appointed a more hopeless Chairman. Nobody could have expected that Hayes and Coveney would be replaced by an even more lethargic pair.

How have we sunk so low that this is the best that a senior executive of IGB can produce? This presentation clearly demonstrates the collapse of the industry but is very vague on how to turn things around. This plan was produced by a man who is now 4 years at IGB and to date has failed to deliver. The 2015 accounts show a 30% increase in marketing spend from €1 million to €1.3 million but we still saw a decline in overall attendance and the ninth consecutive year in declining tote. 2016 will reveal a further decline and 2017 is a total collapse.

How do the Board of IGB allow publication of such rubbish? Is there anyone on the board capable of cross examining the executive before this type of claptrap is published? Worryingly, the rumours are that the author of this Marketing Strategy has been interviewed for the position of CEO.

Integrity is paramount in a betting product. The public perception of the greyhound industry is one of corruption, cover ups and general lawlessness. Anyone that understands the industry can confirm that this perception is actually the reality. Members of the public that have watched the recent PAC were shocked by the inability to answer simple questions and lack of transparency in the IGB. It is delusional to believe that any amount of marketing can compensate for this lack of integrity. It is equally delusional to pretend that once the Board solve their debt problems that they will turn over a new leaf and embrace the principles of integrity. The default position of this Board is that they will always find justification for breaking the rules.

 At what point do Doyle and Creed say enough is enough to this ridiculous farce?