Chairmans Address

Secretarys Report

Treasurers Report

Election of Officers


Any Other Business


Delegates from affiliated GOBAs attended:


John Maloney opened the meeting stating that delegates need not be part of any other group as the Federation represents all interests of the greyhound industry.


Bill Murphy thanked everyone for attending, that we are making progress and we should all stay focused.


Mary Moriarity stated that the IGOBF should be seeking funding as their journeys to meetings are at their own expense.  Go to the Minister for funds, have not asked IGB for funding. It was stated that Senator Brian O’Domhnail is to seek funding for the IGOBF


Dave Cunningham read the minutes of the previous AGM 29th May 2016 and outlined the meetings the Federation attended during the year 2016/2017


Election of Officers


Chairman – Bill Murphy proposed by Gus Ryan, seconded by Tony Walsh

Vice Chairman – Tony Walsh proposed by Gus Ryan, seconded by Bill Murohy

Secretary – Dave Cunningham pooposed by Gus Ryan, seconded by Bill Murphy

Treasurer – Mary Moriarity proposed by Martin Moriarity, seconded by Dave Cunningham

PRO – Paul Dillon, in his absence was proposed by Tony Walsh, seconded by Martin Moriarity

Asst Secretary – Helen Morris proposed by Bill Murphy, seconded by Tony Walsh



Mullingar GOBA

No delegates to be part of any other group – Discussed and agreed

Computerised Grading to be introduced – Agreed that Computerised Grading must be implemented.

Central Grading by IGB.  Draw to be made at the same time every week for the different tracks., owners can log on to view live draw for their track.

Wide and Inside Seeding – Manager should decide and make changes where necessary

IGOBF funding be made available



10% of prize money retained from owners for public trainers to be discontinued

Terms and conditions to be agreed between owner and trainer

So as not to cause friction with trainers it was agreed to carry this motion forward to next years AGM.  If extra prize money was forthcoming it could be part of package


(100 runners = €800 should be discussed at length).  Not in agreement with the stipulation that an owner needs 100 runners to get run money

Sean Bourke proposed prize money for all races to be the same as SIS

Prize money should be a package deal


Mid West GOBA

Prize money should be accross the board for 4th, 5th and 6th placed dogs €20

Fairness and equality is paramount

Unrecorded trials stopped at Mullingar?

SIS could be very important to all tracks if run properly.


Tipperary GOBA

Brexit – IGB needs to put a plan in place to protect our industry,  Someone should be appointed by the board and delegated to negotiate a Brexit deal for greyhounds, they should liase with HRI.

Transport of dogs needs to be protected.

Bali Certs should be done away with as UK will not be part of Europe


Prize money should be ring fenced and distributed equally. Good prize money gets more people involved. To look for €10m or 60% of the fund, which should be ring fenced for prize money

GOBA subscription – Discussed the possibility to have it paid by way of deduction from owners and administered by ICC. Not agreed


More promotion is needed to establish the IGOBF as an organisation representing the best interests of members of all GOBAs..  More greyhound owners and breeders need to get organised at local level and affiliate to the Federation, assistance is available to get started.  Any GOBA that does not affiliate to the Irish Greyhound Owners & Breeders Federation shall no longer use the title Greyhound Owners & Breeders Association


James O’Hanlon stated that Dublin GOBA will affiliate to the IGOBF as this will have more impact.


Statement from the Federation

IGOBF will support DGOBA with their quest to have Harolds Cross reopened.

It was stated at the AGM that both DGOBA and IGOBF are waiting for an invitation to a meeting with the IGB Executive to discuss matters relating to the Dublin dispute.


Delegates attended from the following affiliated GOBAs

Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Mid West, Mullingar, Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford


Bill Murphy called a vote of no confidence in the board of IGB, it was unanimous

New CEO must be appointed by the Minister for Agriculture, proper proceedure to be carried out

IGOBF motions will be deferred until the present dispute is resolved.


Any Other Business

Clonmel track is in serious trouble.  Track Supporters are holding an EGM this week

Track Supporters Club being asked to pay wages and fuel for tractor, this cannot continue and needs to be sorted.


DGOBA are willing to meet with IGB anytime to discuss the current dispute, Harolds Cross must be on the agenda.  All items from HX are in storage in Dublin and the track could be up and running in 10 days.