I am constantly hearing recently that the greyhound industry is in crisis. Nobody wants a history lesson but to know where you are going you have to know where you have come from. Be in no doubt the greyhound industry is in crisis for many years.

The closure of Harrold’s Cross was an action motivated by spite and a lack of respect for the greyhound industry. The debt will be used as an excuse but the manner of the closure was to show us all who is in charge. That has always been the way but this time it was a huge mistake and handed the control to the DGOBA and greyhound owners everywhere.

So where do we go from here. No track in Dublin the IGB staggering through the PAC and round two looming, no breeding, no confidence and hope fading fast for a future.

Is it time for the dispute to end? to go back racing with 23 or 25 million to play with? Add the grant and we have over 40 million euro to plan with. And there it is the word that’s central to where we are a “plan”.

If anyone reading this believes the industry will be saved by selling HX then they are mistaken because this crisis in not about debt its about management.

The IGB is a highly dysfunctional organisation and a massive overhaul is required to change the culture of an industry that has brought itself to its knees. Paying off the bank won’t solve the fundamental problems the industry has.

The latest statement from the IGB shows what we are dealing with. It is the usual spoof. “If you don’t stop it will be bad if you let us do what we want it will be good.”

After all the industry has been through is it too much to ask for a plan? Now we are being told that they are working on it and if so show us. CEO Brady expects us all to accept a future without a detailed plan. The devil is in the detail and IGB don’t do detail. You can be sure this bailout with the department of education is going on for some time so you would assume the IGB would be working away in parallel on a plan to rise the industry up so where is it? Are the stakeholders not entitled to see a detailed plan? What exactly does CEO Brady want to talk about, money for the Dublin Cup a dedicated RSO in Shelbourne a red carpet for the HX regulars. Is that the plan to save the greyhound industry?

If CEO Brady wants meaningful dialogue then start giving some respect backed up by detailed information.

How much is HX going to realise?
What are the terms of the contract? i.e. could racing continue for the duration of rezoning, design, planning, appeals and tendering. Probably 2-3 years.
How much is going to debt?
How much is going to the pension fund?
How much will be spent on Shelbourne?
How much is going to prize money?
How much is going to wages?
How much is going to marketing?
How much is going to other capital projects?
How much is going to IT development?
What are the milestones to recovery?

I don’t know the answers to these questions but do the IGB know?

The sale of HX is a temporary solution to a permanent problem and if there is to be a resolution to the current dispute then the IGB need to change from the culture of secrecy and start talking openly and honestly and then talks can be meaningful.

Brendan Moore