The Irish Greyhound Board is without doubt facing the biggest crisis since its foundation in 1958. The depth of the crisis has been well documented so it is hardly necessary to rehash it all here again. But the question has to be asked, who caused the problem?

Minister Creed and Doyle rightly have to take a lot of responsibility. They are both in the job for a year and I would defy anyone to point out one positive contribution that either have made since they were appointed. In their defence I would say that they are both quite small cogs in the Fine Gael wheel. These two disciples could be described as puppets, that is why they got their jobs and they respond to the puppet master.


Greyhound owners have to accept some responsibility, after all they allowed a very small clique to rape their industry. Why??? Some in Limerick took the thirty pieces of silver so that they could dine at the Captains table. Others were naïve and believed the untruths that were trotted out to them by people who had been put forward as their representatives.


The Board of IGB has also been strongly criticised, but do they deserve the ultimate blame? Indecon said that the Board had a “skills gap” which is probably a politically correct way of saying that they were not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Being stupid is not a crime so are we wrong to blame the Board for the calamitous way they have run the industry. The Board members, apparently, believe they are doing a good job, they seem to know no better. They are like the A8 dog running around at the back of an Open Class field. But they are A8, that is what they were the day they were appointed and they will never be anything else. So who was the bright spark that appointed A8’s to run the IGB?


Simon Coveney is the Minister that has appointed or reappointed all the present Board of IGB and he is the Minister that broke the rules when he offered Adrian Neilan an extension in December 2013. It is high time that greyhound owners brought their battle to save the greyhound industry to the door of the biggest threat.