Horse & Jockey Presentation April 2 2017 Click Here

This meeting in Horse & Jockey will be remembered for a long time. Estimates of the crowd vary from 750 to 1,000 people. The auditorium was packed with people standing in the wings and many more having to stand in the hallway. Fortunately the large crowd was anticipated and loud speakers relayed the message to people that could not get inside. Nobody from IGB turned up to deliver their 5 year plan.

We had a fine collection of our public representatives. Alan Kelly TD informed the audience that the IGB would be before the PAC on May 4 and that he will be the lead questioner. Mark the date in your diary as Alan has a very good understanding of the industry and will not be brushed off. Alan has consistently called for the dismissal of this Board and was unequivocal again tonight and stated that removal of the Board has to be the first step in the recovery of the industry.

Senator Brian O Domhnaill made the long trip from Donegal to H&J. Brian has always been very supportive of the industry and the IGOBF. Brian has a background in accountancy so has a very good understanding of the failures of IGB. Brian was also unequivocal and called for the removal of the Board.

Michael Lowry TD was the only Fine Gael representative to come to the meeting and was totally against the removal of the board. Mr Lowry advised the meeting to produce their business plan and submit it to the Board for scrutiny. No one was fooled by Lowry’s very juvenile attempt to blame Alan Kelly for the appointment of Meaney, Dwyer etc onto the Board. Greyhound owners are wasting their time lobbying Mr Lowry for support.

Jackie Cahill TD gave a passionate speech about the collapse of betting in the industry. He probably has splinters in his arse from sitting on the fence and found it impossible to disguise his support for the Board. Deputy Cahill also questioned the wisdom of selling Harolds Cross now when the values appeared to be rising. Deputy Cahill like a few others just don’t get it. There has been racing at The Cross for 89 years, the DGOBA want that tradition continued so that their kids, grandkids, great-grandkids can enjoy the sport for another 100 years. Harolds Cross is a focal point within a community.  That is the value of the asset, something that money can’t buy.

Kevin O Keefe TD from Cork spoke also, I think he looked for the removal of the Board but I am unsure.

Matty McGrath TD had to leave early so did not speak.

All who spoke wanted Harold’s Cross reopened and the picket lifted on Shelbourne Park.
All believed the greyhound industry was in crisis.
A vote of confidence was taken at the end.
Zero votes in favour of Chairman. 800 votes of no confidence.
Same for Sean Brady.
One person voted in favour of the Board,  799 against.