There will be an open meeting held at Horse & Jockey Hotel on Sunday April 2 at 6 o’colock. The IGOBF believe that greyhound owners and breeders are entitled to know what is ahead so that individuals can make informed decisions regarding their own future in the industry.

The IGB regularly claim that misinformation and a negative agenda distort the true facts about the industry. The IGOBF has invited IGB to Horse & Jockey to present its 5 year plan. I am sure that IGB will be very keen to use this platform to unveil their well thought out and detailed survival plan for the industry. This public meeting will also give greyhound owners/breeders/trainers an insight into the industry and challenges from a different perspective.

This is a copy of invitation sent to IGB on Friday March 24.

Dear Mr Brady,
There is growing concern amongst greyhound owners and breeders that the greyhound industry is on the verge of collapse. The Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation is inviting you and your executive to an open meeting at the Horse and Jockey Hotel Tipperary at 6 o’clock on Sunday April 2nd . We would like you to present the IGB’s five year plan for the industry. We will also expect the various heads of departments (Wagering, Governance, CFO, Welfare) to give a detailed presentation regarding their respective responsibilities.
    We respectfully ask that you acknowledge this invitation and confirm your willingness to attend by 6 o’clock on next Wednesday March 29th.
Kind Regards
Paul Dillon
On Behalf of Bill Murphy
IGOBF Chairman