Government support of the greyhound industry through the Horse and Greyhound Fund has traditionally been supported by all the main political parties. Sinn Fein has even gone so far as to consistently argue for a higher percentage to be allocated to the greyhounds. There has been a genuine warmth and support for greyhound owners and the industry from politians and people in general.

Greyhound owners should not take this financial support for granted. There is a palpable growing unease in political circles with the squandering of tax payers money by the current Board of IGB. The current Chairman of IGB, Mr Phil Meaney, will have completed 3 years in the job in April. He appears to be unable to get to get grips with the challenges facing the industry. The Comptroller and Auditor General has stated that the IGB cannot survive without Government Funding.

Are Mr Meaney and his FG appointed Board an asset or a liability?



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