Board na  gCon,
Dock Road,


Mr Gus Ryan,


Irish Greyhound Owner’s & Breeders Federation,

21 Belvedere Lawn,

Fr Russell  Road,



30th September 2013.


Dear Mr Ryan,

I acknowledge receipt of your correspondence dated June 19th 2013, June 24th 2013 (x2), July 5th 2013, July 30th 2013, and August 9th 2013. I wish to reply as follows:-

Your letter of June 19th 2013

Bord na gCon does not accept that there is inconsistent application of the rules of racing. Bord nag Con makes decisions on racing issues based on facts and evidence. Rumour, I am sure you would agree, is not a sound basis on which to operate our business.

All samples taken at Licensed Stadia are processed appropriately. It is not the policy of Bord nag Con to comment on matters such as those raised in this correspondence.

Your letter of June 24th 2013

There is a long and well established history of co-operation between Bord na gCon and the G.B.G.B in all integrity and regulatory matters. Bord na gCon will continue to assist the G.B.G.B in all matters relating to the integrity of greyhound racing. I can confirm that there is excellent communication between both governing bodies in matters such as these, in the instance referred to in your correspondence assistance was not sought by the G.B.G.B in progressing this matter.

Bord na gCon fully understands its responsibilities and as stated above, fact and evedience are the best requirements. 


Your letter of June 24th 2013

Bord na gCon acknowledges integrity is the cornerstone of the Greyhound Industry and welcomes solid verifiable information from any source. All complaints from credible sources are appropriately investigated. It is noted that neither you nor the sources referred to in your correspondence have given Bord na gCon the facts you claim are credible. I confirm that existing Protocols and Standards applied to the two meetings you referred to.

Furthermore, all samples obtained at Bord na gCon Licensed Stadia are analysed in compliance with the international Standard  ISO/IEC  17025:2005  2ND Edition “General Requirements for the Competence of testing and Calibration Laboratories”. Testing at laboratories other than the National Greyhound Laboratory is a standard feature to our programme since announced on 29th May 2013.

Your letter of July 5th 2013

I confirm that the greyhound referred to in your correspondence was eligible to race when it did and that the Stewards and Racing Officials acted appropriately.

Unraced Greyhounds may be seeded when competing with Raced Greyhounds.

Greyhounds elected for sampling at race meetings are selected randomly by open draw and are announced over the public Address System thus confirming the transparency of the process. The independent Control Committee adjudicates on positive samples and outcomes are published.

Your letter of July 30th  2013

It is not the practice of Bord na gCon to prohibit minors from parading greyhounds. However, as previously communicated, in the interest of Integrity, Health & Safety, minors should be appropriately supervised by an adult to the satisfaction of the control steward officiating.

Your Letter of August 9th 2013

I am satisfied that all trap draws referred to in your correspondence were conducted appropriately.



Yours sincerely


Pat Herbert

Head of Regulation