30th September , 2013                                         Mr. Pat Herbert,

Head of Regulation,

Irish Greyhound Board, Green Park,

Dock Road, Limerick



Re:  Testing for Stanozolol.



Dear Mr. Herbert,


I would like to bring to your attention the ongoing use of Stanozolol in Irish Greyhound Racing.      It is difficult to estimate the level of Stanozolol in use as the IGB does not test for it.  The number of irish greyhounds testing positive in the UK would suggest that Stanozolol is now widely used in Ireland. I assume I do not need to explain the logic of having an Industry free from prohibited substances.


I am enclosing an attachment to this letter which is a Steward ‘s Inquiry held by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain on 19th September 2013 with regard to the greyhounds Stay for Ruby and Drumcove Escala.



The GBGB has concluded that the Stanozolol was administered to these two greyhounds in Ireland. I would like to know what the IGB proposes to do regarding these positive tests.  The IGB currently appears to be unable to deal with the use of illegal substances in the industry.  Greyhound owners would like to know what the IGB propose to do to get a grip on this problem in the industry at large.


I await your early reply with regard to this. Yours sincerely


Edward Ryan

Chairman Irish Greyhound Owners & Breeders Federation




c.c.  Phil Meaney, Chairman, Irish Greyhound Board

Simon Coveney , Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Tom Hayes, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Secretary, Department of Agriculture , Food and the Marine.