These are a series of letters between Paul Dillon and Shane Gaule of IGB. The Freedom of Information Act establishes a right for people to access information held by public bodies. IGB does not comply with the Act.  The last correspondence from Mr Gaule to Paul Dillon was received on 25/07/13. It gives a commitment to respond within 24 hours. This is now 10 days later and once again Mr Gaule has missed his self imposed dead line.
Dear Paul,
Thank you for your email. Apologies for the delay in responding to this request, the reason for this being that your mails were treated as spam and did not reach the intended inbox. I have rectified this issue with our I.T. department to prevent any future occurence of this.
In response to the subject of your email, I will provide you with a cost for the information requested within 24 hours, please allow this period for me to review the case and deliver the response.
I appreciate your patience in this matter and I would like to assure you that in future correspondence all appropriate deadlines will be adhered to.
Yours faithfully,
Shane Gaule.
Acting Freedom of Information Officer
Irish Greyhound Board

From: [] Sent: 13 June 2013 23:00 To: foi officer Subject: Fw:

Hello Shane,
I am disappointed that once again I have not got a response to the e-mail that I sent you last Friday, June 7. Can you please acknowledge if you are receiving my e-mails.
Paul Dillon
Sent: Friday, June 07, 2013 11:31 AM
Subject: Fw:
Hello Shane,
Thank you for your reply regarding my FOI request 03042013.
E) Amount of payments as expenses 2007 – 2013
I would like this figure as individual member per year. How much will it cost to get these numbers in this format?
If I can get this then this will suffice for the time being.
The second FOI request was sent in on April 9 2013. I was surprised not to receive any acknowledgment. The acknowledgement for the first request was also late.
From IGB website
“An acknowledgement of a request must be issued within two weeks and a decision will generally be granted within four weeks of receipt of request.”
Now that you are on the case I assume that it is just a matter of sticking the report in an envelop and posting it. You are the FOI officer so don’t allow your superiors to compromise you.
Paul Dillon