Greyhound owners have long dismissed Talking Dogs as lies and spin. Even by the low standards set by IGB, the drivel written by Barry Drake following the recent sales from Cork has found a new low.

“Another extremely successful sale took place at Curraheen Park on Saturday.

Surely a new record, every dog that went on the bench was sold. Total Sales turnover was over €62,000. A clearance rate of an incredible 100% – 46 from 46.”


The sale may have been very successful for employees of IGB who all got paid a days wage for attending the sales

but it certainly was far from success for the people who were selling dogs.

46 dogs selling for €62,000 is an average of €1,347 each

According to the much-touted report of Jim Power, it costs €1,450 to rear a pup to 12 months. You can be guaranteed it would cost at least another €1,000 to get these pups to the track. Some may never get there.

The bottom line is that collectively, the 46 dogs sold, have cost their owners a fortune. No doubt some of these owners will try breeding again but you can also be sure that plenty went home from Cork that day and swore that this was their last litter.


We can all see the amount of regulation that accompanies greyhounds, far more than other breeds of dogs. A cursory glance at (where pups of all breeds are offered for sale) and one can see just how out of sync greyhound prices are compared to every other breed of dog. You will get a 12 week old labrador pup for €1,350 which is just slightly more than what greyhounds made at Drake’s incredible sale.

You can also be guaranteed that the stud fee for the labrador was less than €500.

While Drake can be dismissed as insignificant, nonetheless the disrespect for the audience by writing this drivel reflects a wider culture within IGB that has no respect for owners or the time and money they spend on the industry.

Employees of IGB might be smug because the Government are happy to pay their wages but articles like this clearly illustrate how out of touch they are with the commercial reality of owning a greyhound.