Mr Dollard,

I am writing to you in relation to complaints i have received from some owners, about the lack of opportunities  afforded to their greyhounds to race. Their complaints seem to be justified when one considers that the second most important track in the country i.e. Cork is on a reduced racing schedule. How can owners be expected to continue to keep dogs when they cant get regular racing for them ?.


In Cork there is a very good population of owners and greyhounds, yet they are confined to racing on a Saturday night as Thursday is allocated to Bags Racing. This makes it extremely difficult to have dogs on the Programme on a very regular basis.

While Bags meetings may be beneficial to the accounts, it is not the way forward for the well being of the industry.


Also we have a huge number of complaints from owners in the Longford/Mullingar area, after the closure of the track in Longford. A track that had a big pool of dogs, the owners were left with nowhere to run their dogs other than to try Mullingar. No additional meetings have been added to Mullingar to accommodate those people. The same owners that the IGB relied upon to supply them with dogs for the additional Christmas meetings at Mullingar and Shelbourne Park. These additional meetings were call the Longford race nights.

So much for the promise that was made by the IGB, that in the event of track closures such as Harrold’s Cross that the owners would be accommodated with additional race nights at the surrounding tracks…. Another broken promise.


Recently i had a call from a lady purporting to be from the Limerick area. She said that it was next to impossible to get her dog on the card owing to the lack of race meetings.  She stated that the bags meetings were a joke with the same dogs running every week and the same owners winning most of the races. I told her that was a matter that her local GOBA should take up with the Management as they are not affiliated to the IGOBF.


The continued reliance on Bags meetings at the expense of some owners will only lead to the quicker demise of the Greyhound Industry.


I urge you to restore to the tracks their correct allocation of meetings. i.e.

3 night a week tracks.   3 meetings { 1 bags , 2 ordinary }

2 night a week tracks  { 2 ordinary }      or where appropriate  { 1 ordinary, 1 Bags }



We await your reply on the above matters.



Tony Walsh

Chairperson IGOBF.CLG