Dear Mr Dollard,

The decision by you and the bord of the IGB to increase the entry fee and lower the prize money for greyhound racing beggers belief. The Greyhound Industry is on its knees and this action by you will only add to its demise      Owners and Breeders have carried this Industry for years,with the vast majority of them losing money on a daily basis.

The IGB. Receive a huge subvention of over €16 million annually from the Government to keep the show on the road,yet the first thing you do is penalize the supplier of your raw material. Shame on you.

Many people inside and outside the industry have being asking the question, what in honour of God are they doing with the money We were all told that once Harolds.X was sold the IGB would be debt free and everything in the garden would be rosy.. Where are we now ?.

Every track is losing money on its operation. You have an excuse every year for the abject performance of your Team. This year it will be the virus,last year Hars.X, bad weather next year and so on. You blame everyone and everything for the disastrous decline in the industry. The buck stops with you and your Bord.

Many owners have left the industry in recent years.   Has anyone from the IGB contacted these owners to find out the reason for them leaving.?

Many patrons have stopped attending the tracks. Has anyone contacted them to find out their reason for not attending?

Many of the answers could be varied but i will wager that many of the owners would suggest the lack of integrity is one of the main reasons.

We hear a lot of talk about greyhound welfare and new laws about traceability.


It is vital that ALL greyhounds who race on our tracks are free from prohibited substances. With this in mind

We are requesting the IGB to introduce Testing of hair samples with immediate effect.

Any greyhound that wishes to race must have a hair sample taken by either the Control or Stipindery Steward. A greyhound will not be allowed to appear on any racecard until the result of his test is negative. 

New penalties must be brought in to ensure that any greyhound that tests positive for drugs shall not be allowed to breed.

All races to be graded and filled by computer for all tracks at a Central Control Location.


Yours Sincerely


Anthony Walsh

Chairperson IGOBF