This High Court Appearance of the Chief Financial Officer of 8 years has IGB Executive in a scramble. The IGB have repeatedly being warned by The Public Accounts Committee that they cannot make financial settlements to disgruntled employees and attach confidentially clauses to the settlements just to keep them quiet.




The CFO will be aware that he has The IGB, present and past, over a barrel. Murnane knows where the bodies are buried. There will be huge pressure from Dept of Ag to not allow this to go to court.

This is just the first round of the cat and mouse game that The IGB play with taxpayers money. Murnane knows the way the game works, he has been involved in plenty of the previous settlements.

This case can never be heard in the High Court, it never will be.

The IGB will give the 2 fingers to The PAC, politely ask Murnane how much he wants………………..and then hand it to him