Dear Mr Nyhan,
Thank you for your email dated 25th July 2019.
I have seen multiple groups formed in the last 5 years claiming to represent greyhound owners. Typically, these groups involved people with their own private agendas who were unwilling to accept the warnings from IGOBF that the industry was on an unsustainable path. These organisations are totally undemocratic and none of them have a constitution. The only difference between the new organisation claiming to be the IGOBF and the other pressure groups is that this new group has tried to hijack the title. The Seanad decision is clear, the sham outfit failed to present enough evidence to convince The Seanad that they were the legitimate representative organisation, so the nomination stays with us.
Regarding your suggestion for mediation. The IGOBF has a constitution and rules, we welcome greyhound owners group to affiliate to The IGOBF, provided they abide by the rules. The IGOBF will not break its rules to accommodate this sham organisation or anyone else.

It is entirely your decision who you chose to meet. The following are the issues that we wish to discuss if you decide to meet with us, The Official IGOBF.


1) Following the RTE Primetime, there has been a lot of criticism of the standard of welfare in the greyhound industry. We want a detailed explanation of all the new proposals regarding greyhound welfare. We expect the Head of Welfare to be at the meeting and give the presentation. We expect a detailed presentation on the costs of the proposals and how these proposals will be funded.

2) Sports Information Services (SIS) raised its concerns at a meeting with the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) in October 2018
“The main issues with Irish greyhound racing are high-profile integrity issues such as positive tests and betting incidents, which serve to undermine turnover at Irish tracks; The key challenge in selling Irish greyhound racing is a consumer lack of confidence.”
We want a detailed presentation from the Head of Regulation on what measures will be put in place to achieve the standard of integrity that is required to generate an economic return for greyhound owners. The Head of Regulation should be an authority of his brief and be able to take questions and give answers.

3) The Strategic Plan 2018-2022 states
“An increased allocation from the Horse and Greyhound Fund is assumed over the period 2018-2022.
Implementation of the initiatives set out under each Pillar is contingent on sufficient annual funding being available from commercial operations and other income sources. The financial position will be reviewed at each annual budgetary cycle and decisions made on the basis of available resources.”
Following the RTE Primetime and growing public pressure, it now looks highly unlikely that there will be any increases in funding and far more likely that funding will be reduced. It is also likely that sponsorship and attendance will decline following the programme.
What will be the impact of reduced funding? We will expect detailed projections based on different scenarios.

4) In the interest of transparency, we want to have a full copy of the Preferred Results report

5) When will the 2018 Annual Report be published?


Tony Walsh Chairman of IGOBF