1. P12 section 7a, Leave the board at 6 members as there is much less activity today and it will keep more money for prize money.
  2. P13 section 10, when the term is up it must be filled immediately by new member.
  3. P21 section 30, when any greyhound is sanctioned in any other jurisdiction it must be applied here in Ireland.
  4. P25 section 30
  5. P26 section 27 (1e) there should be no thresholds in place for any class A drugs in greyhound racing i.e. Morphine or Cocaine.
  6. P26 (3b) any greyhound found with a positive sample should be banned for a minimum of 4 months, this will help to clean up our drug issues.
  7. P30 section 33, anyone found with a positive class A drug in greyhounds should have their licence endorsed for a minimum period of 3 months.
  8. P38 section 9, any member to serve no more than one term and when the term is up there must be someone available to fill this vacancy.
  9. P38 section 15, control committee members must not have greyhounds and be free from any conflict of interest.

These are the submissions put forward by the Federation members which have all been read out in the Seanad debate on Tuesday 23rd October by Senator Brian ODomhnaill on behalf of the Federation .