May 12, 2021


11th May 2021   The Cork Greyhound Owners and Breeders Association would like to  formally thank and congratulate both Tom Smith, his loyal supporters and The… Read More ›

Clonmel immediate problems resolved thanks to Tom Smith and his loyal supporters

May 9, 2021


Good news for the future racing at Clonmel, thanks to the lobbying of Ministers and TD’s by the Real IGOBF and Tipperary GOBA (the official… Read More ›

A note from a concerned Clonmel owner

May 1, 2021


I.G.O.B.F Clonmel track is racing one night a week while other tracks are racing 2 to 3 nights a week, is this a fair?! Rumour… Read More ›

GRI, new name but the spin and misinformation continue

March 18, 2021


In reply to a letter from IGOBF Chairman, Tony Walsh, the CEO of GRI (IGB) Gerard Dollard dismissed Mr Walsh’s concerns that reducing prize money… Read More ›

IGOBF Chairman, Tony Walsh, writes to non-performing CEO; 24/02/2021

March 8, 2021


24th February 2021 Dear Mr Dollard, Mr Nyham and the entire board, I have received numerous complaints from very angry owners from all over the… Read More ›

IGB and the “excellent” SIS Deal

February 5, 2021


IGB Chief Executive, Ger Dollard, announced this week that, “Our partnership with SIS has been an excellent one and we are very pleased to be… Read More ›

Why work when you get paid to do nothing?

November 27, 2020


The IGB finally published their 2019 Annual Report and once again it makes for sobering reading. 2019 was the twelfth consecutive year of declining attendance.… Read More ›

7 years on and the IGB is still as dysfunctional as it was back in 2013

October 5, 2020


The Chairmans dream of building a track in Malta and Kilkenny didn’t happen. Buckley got his million and the amadán that thought Mays Hurronboy broke… Read More ›

Close the door! but has the horse already bolted?

August 17, 2020


It is interesting to see so many die hard greyhound owners suggesting that IGB should implement a racing model based on the Australian industry. The… Read More ›

IGOBF Raise concerns with IGB over reduced races 14/08/2020

August 17, 2020


Mr Dollard, I am writing to you in relation to complaints i have received from some owners, about the lack of opportunities  afforded to their… Read More ›